Secret Product

Persea Gratissima (avocado) Oil: can help improve the condition of hair that feels more elastic and soft. The high fat content in he oil enhances the hair's texture making it less prone to breakage.
Royal Jelly Extract helps produce keratin by building block of hair.Promotes healthy cell growth and with that comes hair regeneration or hair regrowth.

Restore Cleanser

Gently cleanses your hair while helping you maintain he depth. Reastoring moisture to dry, stressed hair and scalp, rescus damaged hair fibers.

For Dry, Coloured, Permed and Damaged Hair.

For Oily Scalp, PH Balance and Hair Fall Control

Healing Cleanser

Developed to extend the life of color-treated hair. It gently removes dirt and product build-up without stripping hair of its color. The use of certified organic raw materials, does not contain the skin to stimulate the chemical preservatives, is a natutral environmental shampoo.

Therapy Treatment

Nourishes and revies damaged starnds. it envelopes hair in glossy moisture, repaoring damage and transforming frizz into luminous silk that's full of life and style.

Perming, Coloring and styling can leave your hair looking dry and damaged.

For Dry, Coloured, Permed and Damaged Hair.

Therapy Essence

Shinamino Therapy Serum infused haircare provides many benefits to all types of hair. It is formulated with argan oil and avocado oil blend, providing lightweight replenishment for all hair types. Protects and nourishes hair for extra softness and brilliant shine.